Top 5 Best Blenders Under $50

If you want to start a healthy lifestyle then, you need a good blender for yourself. Choosing the topnotch product, you might need to break into your savings. But what if you’re getting by or scraping by! It will be pretty hard to get the best blender for yourself. So you may let it go, but if you’re here and reading this article then, you’re going to be very excited. Because I have come with the Top 5 Best Blenders Under $50!

Isn’t that great guy, no matter you’re getting by or scraping by, you can smoothly get the best quality blender at just &50. So what more guys! There is no need to go through the review & ratings, videos, and research for getting the best blender. Usually, we don’t find a cheap blender but to help you guys out I have come with the top pick that will be the best value blender.

Top 5 Best Blenders Under $50

Now you don’t have to spend a hundred dollars to get an efficient and reliable blender. When it comes cheap blender then, you should look for the good qualities. So you can narrow down the list for the affordable models, this is the top 5 Best Blenders Under $50. Now we will see one by one, let’s dive into it, here we go!

AICOOK Blender

It is the high-performance blender that comes with 700 watts of power and stainless steel blades coated with titanium. The blades of the AICOOK are very sharp that can smoothly crush and break down ingredients with ease. As the unit houses, stainless steel blades are coated with titanium which means it can last for long. Moreover, it comes with 8 different blending functions and pulse button that can dislodge when ingredient gets stuck in the blades.

Features of AICOOK Blender

  • AICOOK Blender comes with safety features. For instance, unless the cup is not firmly placed into the motor base, it won’t operate.
  • When the blender is running at high speed then, a cooling fan will prevent the blender from overheating.
  • It comes with overload protection to protect the motor as well as extend its life.
  • The slip-resistant rubber feet will help the blender to stay in place when in use.

Oster 6831 10 Speed 5-Cup Blender

It is a basic blender that comes with 700 power watts and 450 blending watts. It can easily chop, crush and breakdown ingredients with precision. Furthermore, Oster 6831 10 Speed has impressive 4-point stainless steel blades which can handle most of the blending task. Hence, it makes one of the ideal choices for those who want to get the best budget blender. Also, it comes with 10 speeds so that one can make from pulse to puree as well as the more control over recipes. But sometimes liquids and food debris can get trapped in between so cleaning will be a bit tricky.

Features of Oster 6831 10 Speed 5-Cup Blender

  • It has a 5-cup glass jar which will be enough to make a couple of drinks and smoothies.
  • Oster 6831 10 Speed 5-Cup Blender is a dishwasher safe.

BESTEK BL15 Personal Blender And Coffee Grinder

If you are committed to starting a healthy and active lifestyle then, BESTEK BL15 will be ideal for them. It comes with a 300-watt motor that can smoothly grind, crush any ingredient. Moreover, BESTEK BL15 has two types of blades wet-blade assembly and dry-assembly. Wet-blade assembly comes with 4 pieces of blade whereas dry-assembly has 2.

Furthermore, BESTEK BL15 has 3 different sports bottles that are all BPA-free and 600 ml glass jar. Also, it has 570 m and 400 ml bottles that are the grinder cup, and the other one measures 200 ml.

Features of BESTEK BL15 Personal Blender And Coffee Grinder

  • BESTEK BL15 bottles, jars, and removable parts are dishwasher safe cleaning will be an ease. For instance, you have to fill water to halfway and add a few drops of soap and then run the blender about 30 seconds. Your machine will be clean that’s it!
  • It has an interlock system that only runs until and unless assembled it correctly.
  • If you run it over the appliance will not get too hot as it has overheating protection that reduces the damage of the motor.
  • There is one button for operating it. Once done, you need to twist the jar counterclockwise and take it out.

Magic Bullet Blender

You will not only get mesmerizing by the price of the Magic Bullet Blender but, it top notch quality draws tons of people. At $50 you will get a top-notch quality blender that can create smoothies, grind coffee beans, make spreads, and juices. Even it can chop onions, so whats more! All of these things are possible with a 250-watt motor. But the power is only for the small number of ingredients which means that it will not work when the container is filled up excessively.

Features of Magic Bullet Blender

  • Magic Bullet Blender is capable of holding 16oz that will be enough for single servings.
  • For cleaning, you can clean the cups in your dishwasher. Just rinse it with soap and water that’s it!


Storing the container will not be easy.

Hamilton Beach Smoothie Smart 700-Watt Blender

Hamilton Beach Smoothie Smart 700-Watt Blender is undoubtedly the bang of bucks. Whether you’re a gym freak or starting to a healthier diet this blender will be the best one. It comes with a 700-watt peak power that can smoothly process any fruits and veggies into perfect smoothies. Since the powerful Ice Sabre Blades and Ice Crush Cycle works on high, medium and low speeds, it can smoothly crush ice. 

The motor of the Hamilton Beach Smoothie Smart is quite durable and life-tested to blend about 8,000 drinks. This is very impressive, so when it comes in operating then, Hamilton Beach is straightforward. Unlike the other models, where you need to get familiar with confusing buttons.  But to use Hamilton Beach Smoothie Smart 700-Watt Blender will be a piece of cake.

Features of Hamilton Beach Smoothie Smart 700-Watt Blender

  • It comes with one-touch functionality. For instance, you need to press the Smoothie button, and the rest of it blender will do it.
  • Hamilton Beach has a unique 45-second cycle and a wave-action system that provides the best smooth result all the time, you don’t even have to stir it.
  • When it comes to clean then, a unit is easy to clean; there won’t be any trap ingredients and liquids in between their buttons. You only need to wipe the surface clean. You don’t even have to pick out residues and food debris in between buttons.

Final Verdict

To find the best value blender, you need to look for the power of the blender. If you are looking for a blender for personal use then, you should get 200 watts so that you can blend dressings and sauces. But if you want for processing ice cubes and lots of nuts, you should pick up 500 to 800 watts. There are other things too like Cleaning, Speeds, Capacity, Blender Jar, and noise that you should look for. Anyway, these are the list of the top 5 best blenders under $50, so choose it wisely.

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